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In summer, the beach is the most suitable place to hold your wedding ceremony. It will
bring you a romantic and impressing wedding. Imagining that you and your guests stand on
the beach, the sand, the blue sea, the white clouds, the sunshine, and the smiles
constitute a beautiful landscape.     

Your bride and you hand in hand enjoy the best moments in your life. The blue sky and
white clouds are the witnesses of your wedding. Your friends and your relatives attend your
wedding ceremony, everyone brings good wishes to you. Before your beach wedding, you should
fully prepared and take some measures to cope with the emergency. There are something you
should pay more attention.     

First, time arrangement. Choosing a sunny day to hold your beach wedding according to
the variation of the whether in summer. Then, select a good day for your wedding according
to the traditional customs. In addition, try to avoid the strong light at noon and hold the
ceremony at a relatively soft light of sunlight so as to capture a good effect of
photographing of sea views.

Second, the laying of the channel. If the sea breeze is soft and comfortable, you can
sprinkle some red petals to pave the channel. If not, the conch shell or tied tulle bow
stick are available to pave a beautiful path. In addition, please invite a beach artist and
passionate friends to create for you.

Third, to make the guests feel comfortable. The beach in summer is very hot, you
should prepare something to shelter the sun and the sea breezes, such as the tents and big
umbrellas. Providing the guests with enough water and drinks. Also the small fans and cheap
sunglasses are available choice.

Last, fully prepared for the bad weather. Before the wedding, you should take some
measures to avoid a sudden rain. The safest way is to book a banquet hall in the seaside
hotel so that you can transfer to the banquet hall to hold your wedding ceremony. Of
course, no matter where you choose to hold your wedding ceremony, make sure you are
familiar with there.

Wearing on the most beautiful beach wedding dresses and enjoy your biggest day.

Cherish them and have fun!

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